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5 Things to Look for in an Event DJ

Event DJ

When it comes to your event, booking the right DJ is crucial to ensuring you and your guests have a great time. Sure, people will appreciate good food and beverages, but they will always remember how it felt to dance together and sing along to their favorite songs. Though it can be challenging to find the perfect entertainment, paying attention to these 5 things, can help you make your decision when selecting a DJ for your celebration.

Song Lists – When hiring a DJ, make sure they have an updated music library, and can make suggestions on some popular songs they can play. While a DJ won’t have every song you’ like to hear, they should be able to accommodate you by having a wide selection. Also, if being able to requests songs the night of your event is important, be sure to ask whether or not they allow it.

Emcee Capabilities – Some DJs will only provide music for you while you’re on the dance floor. So, if you’d like someone to announce different parts of your event, such as the celebratory toasts at your wedding or the entrance of your daughter at her quinceanera, you need to find out if the DJ is also willing to emcee. Having both a DJ and emcee is excellent for directing the crowd’s attention and helping to keep the momentum of the party up.

References – One of the most important factors you want to take into consideration is how much experience the DJ has. Positive feedback from friends who have used their services is helpful, but you should still ask for a list of references and get information on the type of events they’ve worked in the past. It’s also good to find out how many years they have been in business.

Customer Appreciation – Like with any job, you can tell the difference between someone who loves what they do and is dedicated to their work, and someone who is there because they are getting paid to do so. Try and meet with the DJ in person before booking to see what their personality is like so that you can get a sense of their vibe and whether or not they are the right fit. They should be willing to help you personalize your event by making suggestions, but should never try and dictate or take over.

Full range of Services Available – An entertainment company that offers multiple services enables you to get everything you want without having to book several different vendors. A photo booth with customized photo strips that matches your colors and theme gives you and your guests an instant memory keepsake to take home. Access to lighting, draping, dance floors, A/V equipment, tables, and chairs, etc., saves you time and stress by being able to get everything you need from one place quickly and conveniently.

A great DJ will make your party a truly memorable event. Keep these points in mind, and you should have no trouble finding the perfect entertainment to assist you with your celebration.

If you’re looking for a full-service entertainment vendor in Central Florida, Creative Entertainment of Orlando (CEO) offers many services including DJ, emcee, photo booths, photography, lighting, and more. Contact us today by calling 407-865-8342 or by filling out our online form, and we will be happy to discuss how we can meet your event needs.


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