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8 Wedding Trend Changes for 2019

2019 wedding trends

There are just a few months left until the beginning of a new year, and many couples planning to wed in 2019 are expected to shy away from the trends that have been so popular in the past. Instead of wearing white dresses, brides will opt for colored gowns. And, rather than having a buffet of food at the reception, newlyweds are encouraging guests to interact at cool food stations.

First Looks – while it’s common for couples that are getting married to have their first looks in private, many more couples are now waiting to do it at the altar in front of their guests.

Short Engagements – couples are choosing to have a longer engagement, with some even planning to get married at the end of next year.

White and Ivory Wedding Gowns – for the non-traditional bride that loves to be different, a colored wedding dress is the perfect choice. Whether she wants to add a pop of color or choose a solid black gown, she has the ability to push the envelope if she so chooses.

Pastel and Copper – bright, rich colors are becoming a top choice to incorporate into wedding décor such as table settings, candles, linens, florals, etc., putting pale and metal colors on the back burner.

Wedding Favors – instead of giving guests a small thank you gift such as matches or koozies, couples are serving their family and friends late night snacks or sweets to enjoy before heading home.

Naked Cakes – though naked cakes have been popular for a few years now, intricate and more extravagant cakes are making a comeback in 2019.

Traditional Buffets – buffets are a great way to put a lot of food out at one time and let guests select from many different options. However, setting up food and drink stations such as a meat carving area or a mimosa bar allows guests to interact and mingle with each other while the bridal party takes photos.

Large Bridal Parties – to keep the wedding intimate, couples are opting to have just a few friends and family members in their bridal party.

As you can see, many of the must-have wedding trends that have been around for a while are being replaced in 2019.

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