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Tips for Creating a Wedding Guest List

Deciding on a guest list for your wedding can be difficult. No one wants to disappoint friends and family by telling them they cannot attend, but unless money is no object and you can invite every person you know, you will have to take into account factors such as venue, style, and budget.

When beginning to create your guest list, consider the venue. Knowing how many people the place can accommodate and how much it will cost will give you a good starting point.

Next, categorize guests into the following groups:

Immediate family – First on the list should be your parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and first cousins you see and speak to regularly.

Distant family – When it comes to distant kin, a good rule of thumb is to invite them all or refrain from asking any. This helps to avoid what could be considered favoritism by some of your family members.

Friends – Start by adding your closest friends you speak to frequently. Next, invite friends that although you may not talk to them every day, you still have a close bond. Avoid sending invites to friends you haven’t spoken to in years.

Work colleagues – Inviting co-workers and superiors from your workplace can be tricky. While it makes sense to extend invitations to the individuals you are closest to, you also want to be careful not to hurt the feelings of others who have expressed interest in helping you celebrate your special day. If you work in a large corporation, contemplate inviting just your department and if you work in a small office environment, consider asking everyone.

Plus ones – If you need to lessen the overall wedding guest count, be sure to inform your friends and family members that the invitation is meant for them only and that you are unable to accommodate any plus ones.

Friends of the family and your parent’s friends – Many parents want to invite all of their friends to their child’s wedding and feel they have the right to, especially when helping with the wedding costs. Be sure to speak with your parents early about which friends they would like to invite. Once you agree, try not to let them add onto the list at a later time.

Children – Deciding whether to invite children can be complicated. Allowing children at your wedding will add to the guest count. However, if you choose to have adults only, some family and friends may be unable to attend, especially if they are coming from out of town. Think of the individuals you want to invite who are parents verses those who are not and that could help you determine whether to include children.

Getting married is an exciting time, and no couple should have to stress themselves out when determining who to invite to their wedding. So, grab your laptop or pen and paper and use our tips to create the perfect wedding guest list!

Think you have the guest list down, but still need to secure other crucial elements such as a DJ, lighting, or tables and chairs? Contact Creative Entertainment of Orlando today by calling 407-865-4342 or completing our online form. We have years of experience and will make sure you get exactly what you want for your big day.

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