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Tips for Using Uplighting for Your Event

If you want an easy way to quickly transform your event venue, consider using uplights. By placing lighting fixtures on the floor in specific areas, you will enhance both the mood and appearance of the space. With the vast color palette of LED uplighting available, you'll be able to select colors that tie in perfectly with your décor.

You can choose to be bold or subtle with your lighting, but to ensure it is tasteful, elegant, and beautiful, consider these three factors:

Placement – Typically, uplighting is placed against the walls inside of the venue, casting beams of light upward to create a stunning glow against the architectural features. Where you place your lighting is important because it highlights areas of your space. Consider putting fixtures behind the dessert or DJ table, as well as outdoors against the exterior of the venue or amongst the trees.

Color – For a warm, romantic glow, opt for soft, amber lighting. But, if you're someone who loves color, choose purple, magenta, blue, red, etc. Your lighting designer can even go a step further by providing you with multiple color changes throughout the night.

Type – There are many types of uplighting products available, but the safest, most effective ones use LEDs. Compared to incandescent lighting, LEDs give off a stronger light, generate less heat, and offer more color choices.

Uplighting doesn't just add beauty to your venue; it also enhances your photos and videos, and helps you to achieve a total 'wow' factor.

If you're looking to add a unique touch to your special night, Creative Entertainment of Orlando offers uplighting that can be customized to complement the look and feel of your event. For more information, contact us by calling 407-865-4342 or by filling out our online form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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